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The 1st meeting of Kolkata Metropolitan Planning Committee was held on 4.12.2001. In the said meeting it was decided that an Executive Committee would be formed to consider and finalize the sectoral plans. It was also decided to form 5 (five) sectoral sub-committees to prepare the perspective master plans on the following sectors, Viz :-

  1. Drainage, Sewerage & Sanitation,
  2. Traffic, Transportation, Railways & Waterways,
  3. Water Supply,
  4. Education, Health, Employment & Bustee,
  5. Environment, Wetlands, Planning, Parks.

The two documents i.e. VISION 2025 perspective plans for K.M.A. and the master plan for Traffic and Transportation of K.M.A.: 2001-2025 were also placed before the members for their comments :

In the 2nd meeting of the K.M.P.C. held on 07.08.2002 the need for preparation of Draft Development Plans for both municipality and panchayat area for the next five years was stressed upon.