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Basic Services to the Urban Poor Sector

Since 1971 KMDA (the than CMDA) has taken up a no. of schemes to impart socio economic benefit in the slum areas by providing basic infrastructural facilities to improve the quality of life and raise the health standard in the bustees situated within Kolkata Metropolitan Area. Recently, This sector has been renamed as Basic Services to the Urban Poor Sector.

Board Infrastructure (Hierarchy)
Basic Activity of Area

Initially, Bustee Improvement Sector was formed to formulate infrastructural improvement development programme for providing basic amenities to the underdeveloped slum areas.  The then facilities were based on providing one sanitary latrine per hutment, potable water through tab @ 60 to 90 liters PC/Day In addition, drainage, pavement, street lighting and embankment protection of existing ponds were taken care of Over the past three decades as the population growth went on increasing, the slums imposed more problem over the urban life in the city Dominic city. During '77 to '85 little over Rs.35 crores have been incurred in projects concerning slum upgradation. By now over 2/3 of the slum dwellers have received the benefits of upgradation in the city limits. Whereas a huge population of slum remains uncovered within the boundaries of CMA. The philosophy of work remaining more or less in the same activity area. In the new perspective the sector will identify small towns and sub-urban areas where such basic services like water supply, sanitation, small street and pathways, basic low cost shelter and other infrastructural facilities would be implemented for providing a better healthy environment within the identified slums on BSUP SCHEMES under JNNURM.

Apart from the activities enumerated above this sector has taken up several residential and commercial complex works under Mega city programme on profit and sale basis to the buyers. Other works like area development project under Basic Minimum Services. Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa, MP LAD scheme, RR & R works and low Gost Housing under VAMBAY are being executed. This sector is also executing building construction works for an amount of Rs. 15 crore as deposit work of the Kolkata Police Deptt. on the basis of Administrative and Supervision charge.