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Kmda Housing

Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Services Provided by KMDA as notified by WBRTPS Act - 2013, Memo No. 2453-UD/O/M/ESTT./E-19/2014 (Pt-I) Dated - 19th July, 2017


In terms of 73rd and 74th Constitution Amendment Acts. 1992 of Government of India and West Bengal Metropolitan Planning Committee Act, 1994 West Bengal Act XXXV of 1994, Kolkata Metropolitan Planning Committee (K.M.P.C) was constituted vide Notification No. 4146-UD/O/M/MPC-10/2001 dated 19.10.2001 of Urban Development Department, Govt. of West Bengal. There are sixty members-forty elected and twenty nominated, in the K.M.P.C.

The first election to constitute K.M.P.C. was held on 7th October, 2001. Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government of West Bengal is the Chairperson of K.M.P.C. and Hon'ble M.I.C., Municipal Affairs and Urban Development Department, Government of West Bengal is the Vice-Chairperson of K.M.P.C. KM.D.A. has been made the secretariat of K.M.P.C. The Secretary, KMDA has been designated as the Secretary, K.M.P.C.


Hon'ble Minister-in-Charge Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Department Govt. of West Bengal

Vice Chairperson

Mayor, KMC