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Extension of brochure selling and application submission date of MADDHYANHA Housing Project Extension of brochure selling and application submission date of KALYANI Housing Project (Ph-III)

Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Services Provided by KMDA as notified by WBRTPS Act - 2013, Memo No. 2453-UD/O/M/ESTT./E-19/2014 (Pt-I) Dated - 19th July, 2017

Electro-Mechanical Sector

It will execute the electrical and mechanical part of all the big projects. It will vet all the schemes involving with E&M components prior to execution by any of the engineering Sectors.

It will work in close coordination with other modal implementing sectors under overall nodal supervision and control of one Chief Engineer.

Basic Activity of Area

The Electrical & Mechanical Sector is executing all Electro-mechanical components of all projects being looked after by KMDA through other Civil Sectors viz. WS Sector, GAP Sector, SD  & SWM Sector, A.D Sector, R.E Sector, BI & LIGH Sector, T&T Sector.

Apart from these original works, this Sector has to shoulder responsibilities of the operation & maintenance of different pumping stations (under WS  Schemes, GAP Schemes, SD Schemes) KMDA has to continue; street lighting and traffic signal maintenances of EM By-Pass, different road under HMC; repair maintenance of road construction equipments & departmental vehicles.

Responsibility For Public Interactions

With the course of execution of the Electro-mechanical works as well as operation and maintenance works the Engineering offices of this Sector have to make frequent interactions with general public, local bodies etc. apart from that the Asst. Administrative officer of the Sector, who has recently been designated as Sartorial Public Relation Officer has to interact with public.