Ease of Doing Business (EODB)

Online Sanction of Building Plan and Development permission by KMDA for cases of Single Window Committees (SWCs)


Mandatory Documents

  • Form-C and Data Sheet Annexure
  • Location Plan for the plot (Map/Plan showing location of the site)
  • Master plan (Scanned copy) duly signed (Applicant, Architect, Structural Engineer etc. as required)
  • Architectural plans in AutoCad format
  • Master plan showing obligatory open spaces(min open spaces}, showing width of the abutting road and, parking layout, location of all services, drainage discharge point (if any)
  • Declaration from Architect registered with Council of Architecture
  • Declaration from Geo technical engineer
  • Declaration from Structural engineer with structural stability certificate
  • Affidavit
  • Indemnity

Documents as Applicable

  • Lease/Sale Deed
  • ROR
  • Mouza map (Scanned copy) showing location of the plot.
  • NOC from Fire (W.B fire emergency services).
  • NOC from SWID.
  • NOC from EOI, EIA, Pollution.
  • NOC from Irrigation &Water ways directorate.
  • NOC from Airport Authority India.
  • NOC from Sewerage disposal.
  • NOC from drainage.
  • NOC from water supply.
  • NOC from Solid waste disposal.
  • NOC from fisheries department.
  • NOC from any other Department
  • Declaration from Structural reviewer
  • Conversion
  • Land ceiling clearance
  • Any other Document as may be required