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Kmda Housing
Extension of brochure selling and application submission date of MADDHYANHA Housing Project Extension of brochure selling and application submission date of KALYANI Housing Project (Ph-III)

Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Services Provided by KMDA as notified by WBRTPS Act - 2013, Memo No. 2453-UD/O/M/ESTT./E-19/2014 (Pt-I) Dated - 19th July, 2017

MDP Sector


The activities of MDP Sector KMDA are as follows:-

  1. Preparation of different Development Projects for 41 nos. ULBs including HMC & KMC within KMA area.
  2. Assisting the Municipalities in preparation of Development Projects, estimates and also vetting of the estimates, wherever necessary, by technical personnel of this sector.
  3. Distribution of allocated funds in phases, as per approved project/scheme, to different Municipalities & Corporations (total no is 40 excluding KMC) and obtaining anc checking Utilization certificate submitted by them. Prior to release of next installment of fund, on site checking of the executed schemes are also done.
  4. MDP Sector, KMDA is often requested by different Municipalities, Hon'ble MPs and MLAs to execute different projects directly with sector's own technical and other personnel. The fund required for such direct execution of development schemes is either provided from MPLAD fund/MLA fund/Municipal fund or from KMDA's own fund (either partly or fully)
  5. MDP Sector assisted and funded different schemes under several Municipalities in the recent past like BMS [Basic Minimum Service (97-98 to 2002-03)]. CUDP III, Development of Parks & Play ground, Sishu Siksha Kendra etc. Development of roads at different Municipal Areas within KMA under loan assistnace from HUDCO.

Brief description of achievement of the Sector during the last ten years.

Besides successfully monitoring and funding several schemes under BMS (Basic Minimum Service), Development of Parks and Play ground and Shishu Siksha Kendra, 8th Plan, 10th Finance etc. including vetting of the related estimates after site inspection and interaction with officials of Urban Local Bodies since more than last 30 years, MDP Sector has in its credit the following achievements:

  1. Construction of Hooghly Engineering College (upto 2nd storey) near Pipulpati More, including construction of Students Hostel extension of existing unit etc.
  2. Execution of Roads Development and allied works at Dankuni (funded by KMDA).
  3. Renovation and construction of Sanitary Latrines , laying sewer lines and allied works at Park Circus area with MLA fund.
  4. Development of works under CUDP-III.
  5. BMS from 1997-98, 2003-04
  6. R.R.&R (Refugee Rehabilitation and Relief) Works at different colonies within KMDA
  7. Harinagar colony at Naihati.
  8. Sontosh Co-operative colony at Panihati
  9. Amarapuri colony at Panihati
  10. Sri Ramnagar colony at Panihati
  11. Morapota colony at Thakurpukur
  12. Pragad Nagar colony at Halisahar
  13. Netaji Subhas Nagar Private colony at Panihati
  14. Ananda Nagar colony at Khardah
  15. Kailash Nagar colony at Barasat
  16. Arabinda Bose Nagar colony CMCC Ward no. 127
  17. Rabindra nagar colony at Behala
  18. Construction of Boxing Ring at Ekbalpore
  19. Repair and renovation at maternity center within Baranagar municipality area

Present Project:

At present BSUP(Basic Service for Urban Poor) work both for Phase I and Phase II have been taken up by this sector for three Municipalities, namely Rishra, Uluberia & Champdani Municipality , the scope of BSUP Work under JNNURM of government of India provides for enormous scope for development of basic structure and services along with creation of housing for the dwellers.

The basic infrastructure which has also been included in this scope of work are:

  1. Access to safe Water Supply
  2. Development of internal roads and pavement
  3. Storm Water Drains
  4. Street Lights
  5. Multipurpose Community Centers
  6. Single /four storied buildings with an average flat area is25.12sq.m.and cost per dwelling unit is 1.10 lacs. Beneficiary's contribution is 20% of the cost per dwelling unit.

Now, this sector has already completed 1031 nos. of dwelling units of the above with infrastructure and balance dwelling units will be taken up shortly after finalization of the Land, Payment of beneficiaries portion and bank loan etc.

Project Funded Under:

These projects is under BSUP in JNNURM and as well as funded by both Govt, of India & Govt, of West Bengal.

Estimated Project Cost:

i) Rishra Municipality-    
    a) Phase-I - Rs. 218.45 Lakh
    b) Phase-II - Rs.4129.25 Lakh
ii) Uluberia Municipality -    
    a) Phase-I - Rs.3834.78 Lakh
    b) Phase-II - Rs.5369.23 Lakh
iii) Champdani Municipality-    
    a) Phase-I - Rs. 1271.74 Lakh
    b) Phase-II - Rs.6807.45 Lakh
Total Project Cost: Rs. 21630.90 Lakh

Major feature of the project:

  1. No. of Beneficiaries: More or less 50,625 slum dwellers will be benefited.
  2. Major components :
    Housing for the dwellers, Development of internal roads and pavement, Storm Water Drains, Street Lights, Multipurpose Community Centers.
  3. Approved Project Cost: Rs.21630.90 Lakh.
  4. Fund Sharing:
    i) For Housing-    
        Govt, of India - 50%
        Govt. of W.B. - 25%
        ULB - 5%
        Beneficiary - 20%
    ii) For Infra structure -    
        Govt, of India - 50%
        Govt. of W.B. - 45%
        ULB - 5%
  5. Implementing Agency: Concerned Municipality

Other Programmes of the Sector:

Two schemes, namely (i) Construction of RCC Bridge, over Midnapore Canal at Uluberia (estimated cost Rs.1.75 crore) and (ii) Road Development works under different Gram Panchayats at Dankuni (estimated cost Rs.1.80 crore) are awaiting AA and FS for the above schemes.