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Kmda Housing

Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Services Provided by KMDA as notified by WBRTPS Act - 2013, Memo No. 2453-UD/O/M/ESTT./E-19/2014 (Pt-I) Dated - 19th July, 2017


The objectives of Constitution of the K.M.P.C, is

  1. to prepare a draft development plan for the Metropolitan Area as a whole and to issue guidelines in regard to :-
    1. the plans prepared by the Municipalities and the Panchayat in Metropolitan area.
    2. matters of common interest between the Municipalities and Panchayats, including coordinated spatial planning of the area, sharing of water and other physical natural resources, the integrated development of infrastructure and environmental conservation.
    3. the overall objectives and priorities set by the Government of India and the State Government.
    4. the extent and nature of investment likely to be made in the Metropolitan area by agencies of the Govt. of India and of the State Government and other available resources, whether financial or otherwise.
  2. to perform such functions relating to planning and co-ordination for the metropolitan area as the State Government may, by notification, assign to it.