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Perspective Planning

Plan for Metropolitan Development: 1990-2015

KMDA has a strategic long team view. To coincide with the tercentenary celebration of the city of Kolkata, KMDA prepared this document containing the development perspective and visualized by the planners of KMDA for the period 1990-2015. The Plan also suggested the strategy of development, both overall and sectoral, that should d be followed in KMA during the period in question. Also, a list of major projects along with preliminary cost estimates were provided in the Plan. This Plan was the basis for formulation of the Kolkata Megacity Programme at a later date.

Vision 2025

  1. Vision 2005 - a perspective plan for 25 years for KMDA finalized
  2. Master plan for 25 years for traffic and transportation, water supply, drainage, sewerage and sanitation finalized
  3. Development plans for environment, wetland, urban amenities and heritage, education, health, employment and bustee improvement finalized
  4. City development plan for JNNURM assistance finalized
  5. Projects worth Rs. 6939 crore identified for various infrastructure development
  6. Designs of GIS for various capacity building of municipal bodies completed / in progress
  7. Our Vision : The vision is to provide sustained and improved quality of life through basic urban services in an inclusive manner and create enabling environment for enhanced economic activities by utilising available resources efficiently, in an eco-friendly manner while conserving heritage

KMDA has recently prepared the draft perspective plan titled "VISION-2025". The plan visualises the future urban structure and also lists out the development strategies to be adopted for the purpose.

Master Plan for Traffic & Transportation

It is a long range sectoral perspective for development of traffic and transportation infrastructure, in conformity with the framework of development outlined in "VISION-2025".

Master Plan for Traffic & Transportation

KMDA has been preparing Perspective Plans periodically. A continual updating of development perspective is of utmost necessity and without it proper rationale cannot be provided to any investment plan or any action plan. The first ever perspective plan for the metropolis of Kolkata was prepared by KMPO way back in 1966.

  1. Basic Development Plan: 1966-86 (BDP) - This was the fIrst Perspective Plan document prepared by KMPO between 1960-61 to 1965-66, with the endeavor of the multidisciplinary expertise of KMPO, and also with the direct assistance of Ford Foundation experts.
    BDP suggested a Two Center Development Strategy for development: one at Kolkata Howrah Metropolitan core, and the other at Kalyani Bansberia area about 40 km to the north of the former it. Simultaneously, two more sectoral master plan documents and other development plans were also prepared including setting out a document on Regional Plan for West Bengal by CMPO (KMPO) as a pre-condition.
  2. Development Perspective and a Four year Programme for KMD: 1976 (DPP) - This was prepared by KMDA. Center development strategy was suggested which was a total departure from BDP. Kolkata-Howrah was considered to be the major center with 26 partially self contained sub-centers of which 14 on the east bank and 12 on the west bank of river Hoogly . A four year sector-wise investment plan with Lists of Projects for implementation was also appended in the report.
  3. Development Perspective Plan and Action Programme for KMD : 1987 (PSP) -Prepared by KMDA, indicated a Preferred Structure Plan Multi-Center Development strategy, was recognized as a strategy and levels and orders of various centers were assigned depending upon the urban facilities available in them. Kolkata and Howrah were identified as Metro Center and Metro Sub-center respectively, along-with 7 Major Centers and 10 Minor Centers being distributed in both the banks of the river.
  4. A Perspective Plan for CMA: 2011- (Prepared in two Phases) - The Committee on Development Plans, Constituted by KMDA under provision of the T&CP Act, 1979, Set up a Task Force in 1985 to prepare a Perspective Plan with 2011 as the planning horizon. Several Planning sub-groups were formed with resource persons drawn from the University of Kolkata. Some professional papers were produced by the Task Force. The state Planning Board made use of the above documents and with the help of another set of working groups formed in the state Planning Board came up with the final version of Perspective Plan for KMA: 2011 in 1991. The State Planning Board also published three supplementary volumes in support of the perspective plan. Some important features of the Plan are as follows:
    1. Delineation of three levels of Kolkata Metropolitan Regions
    2. Development of a hierarchical system of settlement pattern, in the Inner Metropolitan Region within the orbit of 50 km radius from Rajbhawan including KMA, consisting of district HQ, Sub- divisional HQ, Block HQ, Service Centers and Basic villages, and
    3. Development of 2 (two) million-plus cities - one at Uluberia - Bagnan area on the west bank and the other at Barasat-Barrackpur area on the east bank with a view to develop a strong urban system consisting Kalyani, Barrackpur, Barasat and Salt Lake towns to create antimagnetic effect to the over congested Kolkata- Howrah Metro Center, through construction of high speed transportation corridor part of which are already available or under construction.