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Beautiful Bengal

Statutory Planning

Advance Planning Unit was established in 6th Oct, 2004. In November it was named as Physical Planning Unit.

Location: All office are located at 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of  Unnayan Bhavan, Saltlake City, Kolkata-700091

Basic Activity
  1. Township Planning
  2. Urban Renewal Schame
  3. Commercial cum Residential Projects
  4. Depositary works of different Govt. Deptts. like Kolkata Police, etc
Board Infrastructure

Director of planning : One Post Additional

Director of planning (One Post) : Lying Vacant.

Deputy Director of planning (Three Post) : One is Lying Vacant.

Deputy Director of planning
  1. Area Planning Circle(East Bank)
  2. Associate Planner(Three post)
  3. Assitant Planner(Three post)-at present there is only one Asstt. planner.
Deputy Director of planning
  1. Area Planning Circle(West Bank)-Lying Vacant.
  2. Associate Planner(Three post)- At present there are two Associate planner.
  3. Assitant Planner(three post)- At present there is only one Asstt. planner.
Deputy Director of planning
  1. Perspective Planning Circle
  2. Associate Planner (Three post)- At present there are two Associate planner.
  3. Assitant Planner (three post)- At present there is only one Asstt. planner.

The present projects being executed here

Kumartuli Urban Renewal Project :

The fact and figtures of the Kumartuli Urban Renewal Projects

  1. Land area - 3.22 acres
  2. Shop Establishment- 298 nos.
    1. Mirit silpis-166nos.
    2. Sola silpis-51 nos.
      (Dress material)
    3. Other Establishments- 81 nos.
  3. Residential flats - 524 nos.
  4. Community facilities viz Exhibition hall, Community hall, health centre, Post office, banks, art gallary etc.
  5. Project cost - RS.30.69 crore

Dankuni Township Project :

  1. Projects: area -4846 acres
    1. Township area- 4069 acres.
    2. Industrial area -777
  2. Location - Hooglly District.
  3. Police stations - DanKuni, Chanditala, Singur and Srerampore
  4. No of Mouzas -20(5 FULL and 15 PART)
  5. Important Rly. Stations- Gobra,Janai Rd.and Begampur
  6. Important Corridors - Durgapur Expressway(NH 2) and Delhi Road,Naity Rd. and Srerampur, Siakhala Road
  7. Expected Population -8.0 lakhs(approx)

Sourav Abasan Projects(Phase-II) Complex at AJ Block, Saltlake :

  1. Two Residential Complex at AJ-15 and AJ-15A Saltlake
  2. Shop Establishment- 298 nos.
    1. No. I- G+ VI
    2. No. II- G + VII
  3. No. of flats provided -20 & 11
  4. Area of flats -100 & 102 sq.m

Sourav Abasan Projects(Phase-II) Complex at AG Block, Saltlake :

  1. Shopping-cum-Residential complex
  2. Storey height - G+VIII
  3. No. of flats provided - 36
  4. Area of flats - 102, 118 & 124 sq.m

Barrackpore Housing (Phase-II) :

  1. Land Area - 7.34 Acres
  2. Type -MIG & LIG
  3. No. of building blocks -
    1. MIG-20 nos.
    2. LIG- 3 nos.
  4. Area of flat-
    1. MIG- 62.35sq.m
    2. LIG- 36.70sq.m
  5. Total no. of flats-
    1. MIG-320 nos.
    2. LIG-192 nos.
  6. Other-shopping-1035 sq.m
    1. Community hall- 530 sq.m

Housing Complex at Kalyani (Phase-II) Community hall & shopping complex in connection to the KMDA Housing Project :

  1. Land Area - 3.75 Acres
  2. No. of building -9 Nos.
  3. Two types of Building-
    1. Type A = 6 nos; Total no.of flats = 96 nos. Area of each -85 sq.m.
    2. Type B = 3 nos. Total no. of flats= 48 nos. Area of each -75 sq.m.
  4. Others-
    1. Community hall -1 no.
    2. shopping complex -12 nos.

Police Traning School for RAF and Commandoes :

  1. Built-up Area -3450 sq.m
  2. Storey height -IV
  3. Projects cost -Rs.3.40 crore

Wireless Head Quarter building at- 112, Ripon St. Kolkata for Police Authority :

  1. Built-up Area - 4200 sq.m
  2. Storey height - G+VII

Preparation of Draft Development plan for different Municipalities within KMA under KUSP programme :

  1. North Barrackpore
  2. New Barrackpore
  3. Chinsurah
  4. Bansberia
  5. Konnagar
  6. Bhadreswar
  7. Rishra
  8. Pujali
  9. Dum Dum
  10. North Dum Dum
  11. South Dum Dum

Important Past Projects taken up in the last fifteen Years:

  1. Preparation of Development plan along Eastern side of E.M. Bypass from Ruby Hospital to Baghajatin R.O.B.
  2. Thana cum Barrack Building at Ultadanga for Kolkata Police Authority
  3. Thana cum Barrack Building at Tallah for Kolkata Police Authority
  4. Infrastructure Design for sector"K" of ECAD Project.
  5. Infrastrucute Design/Planning for Nonadanga at ECAD project.
  6. All the projects as mentioned in item 5 are being continued for last 3/4 years
Public Interaction

Basic Areas of Public Interactions:

  1. Kumartuli Urban Renewal Project- M.P., Local M.L.A & Local Councillors,Association members of Mritsilpi & Sola silpi were consulted.
  2. Dankuni Township Project - M.L.A., Local representatives and Industrialists were consulted
  3. Preparation of Drafts Development Plans - Municipality Chairman, Councillors and Public representatives are being consulted
Information on LUM&R of Statutory Planning Unit, KMDA

LUM&R for -

  1. Taradaha GP, PS:Bhangar, 24 Pgs(S) - Adopted by u/s.29(2)
  2. Beonta II GP, PS:Bhangar, 24 Pgs(S) - -DO-
  3. Pujali(M), PS:Budge Budge, Ward 1 -15, 24 Pgs(S) - -DO-
  4. Pratapnagar Kalikapur I & Kalikapur II GP, PS: Sonarpur, 24 Pgs(S) - -DO-
  5. Kamrabad & Sonarpur II, PS:Sonarpur, 24 Pgs(S) - -DO-
  6. Chandrahati I GP (P) & Chandrahati II GP(P), PS: Mogra, Dist: Hooghly - -DO-
  7. Bigahati GP(P), PS:Bhadreswar, Hooghly - -DO-
  8. Bhadreswar Muni.(P) & Bigahati GP (P), PS:Bhadreswar, Hooghly - -DO-
  9. Basudevpur & Khalisani GP, PS:Uluberia, Howrah - -DO-
  10. Basudebpur GP, PS:Uluberia, Howrah - Published U/s.29(1)
  11. Sarati GP(Part), PS: Kalyani, Kanchrapara GP (Part), PS: Kalyani, Saguna GP(Part), PS: Kalyani, Nadia - -DO-
  12. Sahapur GP(Part), PS: Panchla, Beldubi GP (Part), PS: Panchla, Biki-Hakola GP, PS; Panchla, Jagadishpur GP(Part),PS: Liluah, Howrah - -DO-
  13. Chara Pasnchla GP, PS: Panchla, Domjur GP, PS: Domjur, Dhulagari GP, PS: Sankrail, Howrah -DO-
  14. Mrigala GP(Part), PS:Dankuni, Dankuni GP (Part), PS: Dankuni, Barijhati GP, PS: Chanditala, Garalgachha GP, Naiti GP, PS: Chanditala, Begampur GP, PS:Chanditala, Hooghly - -DO-
  15. Bora GP, PS: Singur, Panchghara GP, PS: Chanditala, Hooghly - -DO-
  16. Nischintapur GP, PS: Budge Budge, South 24 Pgs. - -DO-
  17. Rishra GP, PS: Dankuni, Kapashria GP., PS: Chanditala, Hooghly - -DO-
  18. LUDCP for Burdwan Development Area
  1. LUDCP for Howrah Municipal Corporation … Published u/s.38(1)
  2. LUDCP for Kalyani Municipality … Published u/s.38(1)
  3. LUDCP for Burdwan Development Area
  1. Socio Economic Study for Burdwan Development Area


  1. Traffic & Transportation
  2. Water Supply
  3. Sewerage & Sanitation and Solid Waste Management
Details of the Planning works Under the Statutory Planning unit