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Corrigendum-4 of Maheshtala (AMRUT) New Corrigendum-5 of Khardaha (AMRUT) New Addendum with Replies of pre-bid queries of KMDA/CIVIL/22/SE(CRS)/AD of 2016-17 (2nd call)New Corrigendum-3 of Maheshtala (AMRUT) New Corrigendum-4 of Khardaha (AMRUT) New Tender documents for Inviting Tender of KMDA Website updation New Corrigendum-2 of Maheshtala (AMRUT) New Corrigendum-3 of Khardaha Bid Document (AMRUT) New Pre-bid Replies of Notice Inviting e-Quotation No. KMDA/CIVIL/03/SE(CRS)/AD of 2016-17 dated 07/02/2017 New Pre-Bid quaries & Answers of Maheshtala Municipal Town under AMRUT New Pre-bid Replies of Notice Inviting e-Quotation No. KMDA/CIVIL/02/SE(CRS)/AD of 2016-17 dated 03/02/2017 New Pre-bid Replies of Notice Inviting e-Quotation No. KMDA/CIVIL/01/SE(CRS)/AD of 2016-17 dated 02/02/2017 New Maheshtala prebid reply New Pre-Bid Queries & Replies at Khardaha New Corrigendum 2 of KHARDAH New Corrigendum 1 of KHARDAH New Corrigendum 1 of MAHESTALA New Replies of pre-bid queries against Notice Inviting e-Tender No. KMDA/CIVIL/19/SE(CRS)/AD of 2016-17 dated 23/12/2016 New Mahestala Bid Documents New Khardah Bid Document (AMRUT) New Notice for Pensioners of KMDA Corrigendum-4 Barrackpore MWW 29-02-2016. Pre-Bid replies alongwith Ammendment-1 of KMDA/GAP/SE(S)/NIT-04/2015-16) Corrigendum no.-2 of Ref NIT No. KMDA/GAP/SE(S)/NIT-04/2015-16 DPR and Soil Report of Barrackpore MWW Scheme Abridged & Detail NIT for Barrackpore MWW-28.10.2015 Consultancy Services for River Front Development Corrigendum-III Request of Expression of Interest for Riverfront Development in Kolkata Metropolitan Area Reply of Queries of Budge Budge MWW Project, 10-08-2015 NIQ DPR of Namami Ganga - WBMAD/SE/PLANNING/NIQ-05e/2015-16 ESAMP Document for Budge Budge Sewerage Project funded by World Bank Budge Budge Bid Documents NIQ WBMAD/SE/PLANNING/NIQ - 02e/2015-16 (2nd call) NIQ WBMAD/SE/PLANNING/NIQ-03e/2015-16 (2nd call) NIQ for NAMAMI GANGA PROJECT ESAMp Budge Budge NIQ-5 of Namami Gange Programme NIQ-4 of Namami Gange Programme Detailed Project Report for Development of Ganga Sagar Halisahar Bid Document Final ICB Package No: 02/SE(N)/GAP/KMDA of 14 - 15 Detailed Project Report for Development of Sewerage System in Halisahar Municipality under NRGBA ESAMP

Beautiful Bengal

Traffic & Transportation Sector

Chief Engineer : Shri D. Manna, Ph : 2337-2508


  1. Provision of preventive measures to cover a target population of about 2 million slum-dwellers throughout KMA
  2. Use of local HHWs working at the slum level to promote hygiene
  3. Maximum cost efficiency by utilizing the existing resources
  4. Community participation by engaging local people in planning, implementation and monitoring of the health programmes, etc.
  1. Aimed at facilitating easy dispersal of traffic and settlement, decongesting the core city areas and make the city travel stress free and comfortable.
  2. More than Rs. 200 crore spent on establishing major connectivities over the last 5 years including 25 major schemes such as, Lake Gardens Flyover, Dum Dum Expressway, Sonarpur Flyover, EMBP widening etc.
  3. Work on projects worth Rs. 138.34 crore in progress covering 22 major schemes such as Bondel GateFlyover, Prince Anwarshah Road connector to EMBP, Roads in Sector-V of Salt Lake etc.
  4. Rs. 604.00 crore worth of major projects proposed under IN-NURM in near future that include 6 major schemes such as Flyover between EMBP and VIP Road, Flyover from Park Circus to Parama Island, Vivekananda Road Flyover, Extension of EMBP from Garia to Baruipur, Widening and extension of Kalyani Dum Dum Expressway, Modernisation of traffic dispersal system at Howrah and Sealdah stations.

Sonarpur Flyover
Chingrighata Flyover
Lake Gardens Flyover
Slip Road : VIP - EMBP
Grand Foreshore Road
Barrackpore - Dum Dum Expressway, Phase- 1
Canal East and Canal West Road
Left-Turn Connectivity Linkage From Bridge No. 4 To Dr. Biresh Guha Street
Canal Connecting Chaul Patty Road and South Sealdah Road
Widening of Dum Dum Underpass Near Dum Dum Railway Station
Widening and Strengthening of Kalagachia Road From Bagopota Main Road to Bakrahat Road
Proposed Flyover Connecting E. M. Bye Pass & VIP Road Near Ultadanga Crossing
AE-1/CSD/Traffic & Transportation